Leeuwenhoecks Dream

Leeuwenhoeck’s Dream

 Celebrating the wonders of early science: attached to 11 vintage magnifying glasses  with fine steel wire are a series of images printed on 3-inch aluminum disks using the dye transfer process. I took the photograph (shown here) of young African American children in a Baltimore street march on Caroline St. in the early 1980’s. The other images include 19th c. scientific engravings of insects and early mid-20th c. illustrations. The disks behind the magnifying glass, an act that enhances intimacy with the work while clarifying and focusing the image. The magnifiers are mounted on a thick wooden surface which is in turn mounted on a steel base.  The aluminum discs were printed and fabricated by Griffin Editions in Brooklyn NY. Select the “Sculpture” tab above for drop-down menus to other recent work.