Belkis Ayón at el Museo del Barrio (2017)

Sorry I missed this exhibit. In 2017 El Museo del Barrio ( NYC) featured: NKAME: A Retrospective of Cuban Printmaker Belkis Ayón.

Untitled, 1993
36 x 25

Description from Museo del Barrio, Christina Vives, curator: Belkis Ayón (Havana, 1967 – 1999) died at the age of thirty-two, leaving behind a body of work of considerable importance for the history of contemporary printmaking. Her death remains a painful mystery for the national and international art community that had witnessed with admiration her successful rise to the most demanding artistic circles of the 1990’s. Ten years after her death, the artist’s Estate presents art lovers and researchers the first retrospective exhibition of the artist entitled Name which gathers a wide selection of her graphic production from 1984 to 1999, date of her physical disappearance. Belkis Ayón favored an unusual technique of printmaking known as collography. The process consisted of producing a matrix, which was inked and then run through a press with paper. Belkis’s distinctive process is evident in the incredible surface detail visible in the materials she adhered to the cardboard base as well as the use of other substances “drawn” onto the surface. The six units of the matrix for La cena were produced and then printed individually. The finished work, assembled out of the six printed sheets and on view in this gallery in its two versions, shows the range of textures and tones achieved by the artist’s meticulous process.