Ruth Asawa


Random thoughts while running…this mornings’ meditation on Ruth Asawa: A remarkable life: spent time in Japanese internment camp in Santa Anita, Ca. as a child. She later went on to Black Mountain College in North Carolina in 1946, where she studied with Josef Albers, Buckminster Fuller, Max Wilhelm Dehn, Merce Cunningham an others. One of Albers assignments was to say “good morning to you” in color.


Cornell, Daniell. The sculpture of Ruth Asawa: contours in the air. 
University of California Press, 2007.


Eva Hesse 1936-1970

E. Hesse.jpg

random thoughts while running- words that come to mind, fearless, essential obsessional forms, focused and experimental. beauty


Lee Bontecou 1931

Bontecou in Studio 1963

more fearlessness, the combination of fabric and steel is something i can chew on for a long time.